My name is John Jack Marston Junior, and you can send me any type of letter with any type of question or statement you'd like.

Current year: 1917

Just a little note saying that I’ve been rewriting the older entries piece by piece. That also includes a few bits of dialogue and scenes that weren’t present before. (One of them I even added because it seems like people were disappointed that it wasn’t included the first time I posted it, so I wrote it and added it as appreciation to all of you.)

You can find the entries, in order, right here if you’re interested.

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Anonymous said:
pearl, im in love with you <3 you are my role model <3

You’re very kind. Keep that up and you’ll make me blush.

I don’t know what I’m doing that you find so worthy of praise, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it.

You’re such a sweetheart, and I wish you well.


Anonymous said:
how are those lil babbies doing

They are fine. Turns out sleeping in the same crib is okay, and actually it seems to work better for them. Their sleep is fitful, especially the younger one, James. He cries more often, and has to be held to go to sleep. Isaac can fall asleep on his own.

I’m not used to how small they are either, even now. Holly was a large baby, at least ten pounds with a long body. These two… I’ve never seen a baby so small. I have to squint to make out their little fingernails.

The doctor says that it’s fine, that they are only so small because they were born early, and because twins tend to be smaller.

I worry, but Pearl’s invited all sorts of women over to come see them, and they all say the boys look like little dolls.

Anonymous said:
What the hell? I though people were done sending you abrupt and sick requests for sex?

It never truly stops, only slows for a while. Then they remember that I exist and start all up again. I’m starting to learn the pattern, and the fact that it doesn’t effect me as much as it used to says a lot about how often this happens and how vulgar they can get.

Anonymous said:
Can I fuck yer anus sir?


Anonymous said:
do you ever wear trousers pearl?

I’ve only ever worn men’s pants once, although they weren’t even men’s pants.

When I was a girl, my brother and I swapped clothes once as a silly game. He wore my dress, and I wore his shirt and trousers.

I absolutely hated the feeling of it. I’d rather die than wear a pair of pants.


Anonymous said:
Some people just want the world to burn

Those people usually live in the forest and eat other people, so I try to avoid them.

Anonymous said:
I'm not the person who sent that last letter, but that wasn't your best comeback.

It’s not as if I’m always trying to best myself in comebacks.

Anonymous said:
Bet my gun is bigger than yer gun hahaha!

I bet your gun is rusted and often misfires.

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Anonymous said:
whats the best thing about being married? is it any different than being together without being married?

To be honest, no, it’s not really any different.

I’m not even sure what I would call the best thing because there wasn’t really anything about my relationship with Pearl that was magically granted to us once we got married, other than the fact that now we can do things that normally society (and god) would frown upon otherwise.

The only thing I can think of would be living with her, rather than living in that hotel room in Blackwater while she lived with her parents. Although, she did pretty much move in before we were married, so I don’t know if that truly counts.

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Anonymous said:
Because it makes you look like a short-tempered, illogical person.

Then I’m glad I don’t care what you think about me.

chaansan said:
Which one of your kids are you gonna give your hat to?

None of them. One of them will take it whenever I die.

Anonymous said:
Do you still scream at your horses when they don't go fast enough?

It’s worked for me so far, so why would I have stopped now?

Anonymous said:
pearl - did you know madame delphine la laurie?

Of course not! She’s been dead since long before I was born. She was dead before the Civil War even.

In New Orleans I would often have to walk by her old home to get where I needed to go, but I didn’t like to. It gave me a bad feeling, and just thinking about what went on in there makes me feel ill.